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Whether it’s through your ExcelleMD or ExcelMD Toronto corporate health program or for a one time need for you and your family, avoid traveling and wait-time by making a consultation from the comfort of your office, your home, your cottage, etc.

Distinguish yourself from other companies

The health and satisfaction of your employees is paramount to the success and productivity of your business. By giving them access to the medical care platform VirtualMED, optimize their health, assiduity, and productivity, while decreasing absenteeism, though less time away from work. Your employees are our customers and their satisfaction is paramount.

My Employees

Need to consult for a small medical emergency, discuss their medication, their child is sick and want advice? You offer them access to one of our health professionals via their smartphone, computer, work or home.
Only VirtualMED offers such flexibility. In addition, our VirtualMED telemedicine is supported by the private medicine services of ExcelleMD, which guarantees an appointment within 24 hours in one of its service centres in Montreal and St. Eustache, should such a complementary medical visit prove necessary.

Why choose VirtualMED?

*Cp. = Competitors
*VM. = VirtualMED

AssetsCp. CompetitorsVMVirtuelMED
Telemedicine service offered with physicians and healthcare professionals.
Medication renewal and free delivery.
$9,00 per employee per month with unlimited access for the client & his family.
Service available 7/7 from 7:30AM to 8PM (soon to be 24/24) without any additional charges
Telemedicine platform accessible on any type of technology (computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet).
Triage made by a nurse on any call or consultation request, human contact before launching the teleconference.
No downloads needed, simplified use via our secure platform.
Access to specialists (psychiatrists, cardiologist, urologists, etc.) via our telemedicine platform (*Additional fees).
Appointment within 24 hours in one of our service centers in Montreal or Saint-Eustache if a physical examination was necessary for $85,00 (reduced rate).
Partnership with ExcelleMD which will centralize your medical data into an individual electronic folder to ensure a better follow up.
Access to ExcelleMD without any file opening or annual management fees.
VirtualMED / ExcelleMD offers an all-in-one solution: telemedicine, corporate medicine, general medicine, minor surgeries, business medicine, pre-employment, and much more…