FORT Insurance adds telemedicine to its benefit packages

FORT Insurance can confirm that it’s one of the first firms to add the services of VirtuelMED, a Quebec-based telemedicine company, to its benefit programs.

BY ANDREA LUBECK (, March 18, 2019 Edition – Volume 24, Number 43)

Stephan Bernatchez, FORT CEO

From now on, the companies that do business with FORT Insurance for their group insurance and benefit packages can have access to the healthcare professionals of VirtualMED via teleconsultation. FORT CEO Stéphan Bernatchez states that the aspect of VirtualMED services can help a business differentiate itself from other similar companies. “Not all problems can be resolved simply by seeing a physician or other healthcare professional online. But rather than telling patients to visit their family doctor, the VirtuelMED professional will schedule an appointment with a physician at one of their clinics. Clients aren’t just left to their own devices, and that’s what people love.” There are private and corporate clinics situated in major metropolitan areas, including Montreal, Saint-Eustache, Quebec City, Vancouver and Toronto.

There was another aspect of the company that convinced Bernatchez to choose VirtualMED: the independence of its owners. “VirtualMED is completely separate from the insurance industry. That’s very important for me because I can offer the service to all of my clients without inconveniencing the insurance companies.”

And with reason: more and more insurers are either acquiring companies that offer telemedicine services or launching their own services. That’s the case of Great West and Desjardins Insurance, among others. The first of these launched its service, Pharma Solutions, in partnership with the Best Doctors Network. As for Desjardins, the company announced this past September that it was working on a pilot project to include medical teleconsultation services in its group insurance products.


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Written by : Andrea Lubeck,
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